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Many of those who often use the darknet have heard that an innovative platform called KRAKEN has opened. This resource is very young, it is only a few months old, but at the same time it quickly gained an audience and now several thousand sellers are placed on this platform, and hundreds of thousands of buyers make purchases. Of course, such an explosive popularity cannot appear just like that and obviously the KRAKEN has some features

What are the main advantages of the KRAKEN website compared to other dark web sites?

If this is your first time visiting, then the first thing you will notice is the well-designed platform design. Everything is done in light colors, more precisely, the main colors of the site are a white background and black text. There are practically no bright advertising elements. Being on the Kraken is comfortable and there is no desire to leave quickly. It is also not unimportant feature can be called a large number of their own services, which will definitely be useful to many users. Among such services include the forum, drug store personnel training, emergency medical assistance in the form of consultations of highly qualified doctors, and much more. One of the main advantages of KRAKEN today is reliable data storage. The platform has decided to store files and site databases not on one server, but on many different servers around the world. It will not be possible to close the KRAKEN in this case.